The End...

This has been brewing for quite some time but it is time to close MP-Gaming for the second time. Unfortunately most of us lack the time and/or energy that we once had and do not wish to provide something that is half arsed.

There have been some good times and bad over the past 6 and a bit year within the second iteration of MP-Gaming but it is now time for it to end. Who knows? We came back before and may again one day...

We have written short personal messages for you all before we bow out. Lastly, thanks for being a part of this over these last 6/7 years!


I wan't to thank everybody for making this community feel like a home for so many years. I came to this forum on January 18, 2007 and I never left or wanted to leave. I found people here who shared my love for C&C games and it grew into something fun for me. Back in the day when I did not have a lot going on I could always find a good chat or a fun game with the people here. I will always remember the good old times in Renegade and APB and the many other games we played but everything is life has to end. I sincerely hope that MP Gaming will rise again in the future. If it does then you can count on me to come back. You guys have all been great and I hope to stay in contact. You can find me on steam. (Finish/edit later) Greetz Xocezert


Well, well this is something that is not easy to do. Without MP-Gaming I would still be working in a job I hate, with many, many idiots. I would never have moved to the web company I previously worked for, I would never have been accepted into university without it, certainly I would never have gained even half of the skills I probably take for granted. Let alone I would never in a million years be typing this message from my office at CERN. MP-Gaming has helped shape me into the person I am today and for that I would like to thank everyone involved. I will still be around in the APB community and will help whenever and with whatever I can. If you want to stay in contact with me for whatever reason I am on Steam, the APB forums and, if you really want, Facebook.


What can i say, it was great while it lasted. We had years of fun trying many different things with many different games and getting to know a lot of great people.
Too bad it's come to an end once again. I wish it never got that far but at least it lasted for over 6 years since the relaunch! I'm happy to have been here from the start and have seen it all grow. We all knew it would be over some day but that doesen't mean it has to be gone forever.
We'll wait untill we're old and barely go outside anymore, then we can relaunch it again ;). Who knows maybe it will even happen sooner than we think.
I want to thank everyone of you guys who came here and became a part of the community, thanks for a great time! Special thanks to zunnie, oxi, reborn, Strike and dudley for making all this possible! I'll be seeing most of you guys on Steam or sometimes on IRC as long as it stays up, I'm not using IRC often anymore though.


A great time has come to and end and I would like to thank everyone for being a part of this community. Over the past 6 years I have met some great people and I am more than proud to see what we have developed here and also sad to see this place closing. People have grown together, became friends and even used MP-Gaming for their career (like Oxi), which is a fantastic thing to see. Unfortunately people have moved on in life or to different places and games and it's now time for the probably final bye bye.
I'll still be online and might be up for a game of CSS or CoD every now and then, so if you want to stay in touch with me you can find me on Steam, Facebook or maybe xFire.


I want to thank everybody for making this community feel like a home for so many years. came to this community a long time ago the date i can't even remember. During my time here i met great people that come and go over the years. Saw many joining and leaving posts comming by fellow friends, now our time is here for the final post. This community been my home for years, i gave me great opportunities and grew from newbie to where i'm now, it makes me sad to write this post. I dont say Goodbye to this community, I say we all see each other again when we are older and settled in life and we all come back to this community and perhaps give it a shot. Thanks MP for my years here, the stories that have been told and the games have been played. I dont leave the internet life, i just move on. I'll be seeing most of you people on Steam/Teamspeak/Facebook and Skype(arnostrike).


I truely invested not just time, but emotion into MP-gaming. It's sad that it ended, but I look back nostalgically with a smile on my face, as I really did my 'internet growing up' via MP-gaming and with the friends I made here. I never thought I could make a real friend on the internet, let alone feel so utterly let down when I lost one. I've put off writing this for a long time, because frankly, it's something I never wanted to write. However, life moves on, and MP-Gaming deserves to be put out of it's misery; This slow death is not an appropriate legacy for a place that has been so innovative and creative for such a long time.
Thank you to everyone over the years that has enriched the community, know that you made a difference to at least one persons life.

Keep'em Coming!

See you around!